SUPAIR 4th Project Meeting

SUPAIR partnership were met on 19 June 2019 for their 4th Coordination and SC meeting in Durres, Albania. The host of the meeting was Durres Port Authority. The coordinator of the project summarized the state of the art of the project and then the partnership assessed the progress of the ports’ Action Plans which will be finalized by the end of October, 2019. At the end, the meeting focused on the future goals and steps for the project. GATES supported the participation of the Port of Piraeus in the meeting as its external consultant for the project SUPAIR.


Intermodal Transport Network (ITN) – 3rd Meeting

Intermodal Transport Network is envisaged as a representative body of all included states in MultiAPPRO project, whose interest is to investigate the causes of poor intermodal transport in the region, and propose measures and activities for its improvement. Intermodal Transport Network operates as a transnational network by fostering development of environment-friendly and sustainable intermodal transport in the region.

Adriatic Ionian intermodal and logistic Network ( short: ADRILON) is a stable cooperation framework developed inside NEWBRAIN partnership, built on existing cooperation activities between the partners in the context of the EU TEN-T policy, EU cooperation and financing programmes . The Network is composed of project partners, whose multilevel cooperation on cross-cutting issues (e.g. intermodality, logistics, environment, policy issues, financial mechanisms) ensures a transnational approach and this  network supports the joint and efficient planning of low carbon and environmental friendly transport and logistics investments of the involved Adriatic Ionian core logistics nodes system to enhance its relevance for the EUSAIR and Eu transport.

Topics of this joint meeting were:

  • Investment and funding schemes for the sector of transport
  • Assessment of different investment and funding schemes for the sector of transport and potential recommendations

Intermodal Transport Network (ITN) – 2nd Meeting

The Intermodal Transport Network (ITN), a body of experts developed within MutliAPPRO project, met on 14 June 2019 in the premises of the Piraeus Port Authority. The 2nd meeting of ITN focused on the environmental dimension of Short Sea Shipping and intermodal transport. An overview of environmental and energy management, footprint, Blue Energy, Alternative Fuels and Green Technology in Transport Sector was presented while each participant expressed his own experience. Additionally, there was extensive discussion about current needs and bottlenecks on this thematic field and potential solutions were assessed. GATES, as external consultant in MultiAPPRO and active member in European projects, has the role of moderator in all ITN meetings.


MultiAPPRO 4th Project Meeting

The MultiAPPRO partnership were met on 13 June 2019 for their 4th Coordination and SC meeting in Piraeus, Greece. The host of the meeting was the Port Authority of Piraeus. The coordinator of the project presented the progress of the project and the partnership discussed any project issues and defined the future goals and steps for the project. GATES participated actively as an external consultant in MultiAPPRO.