MUTIAPPRO – ITN meetings

The 6th ITN meeting of MultiAPPRO project was organized online on 20th October 2020. This meeting gathered 28 participants, MultiAPPRO partners and experts in different fields, and it allowed the consortium to have a fruitful discussion according to their experience and knowledge on the subject of Green Deal priorities of European Comission.

The objective of the 6th ITN meeting is sustainable transport in the sense of social, environmental and climate impacts. Thematic area of the meeting focused on the priorities set by the Green Deal Strategy of the European Commission with special focus on Intermodal Sustainable Transport. With round table discussion consortium tried to identify opportunities and priorities of each entity’s operations that can fall under the Green Deal strategy.

The establishment of the Intermodal Transport Network is one of the three main outputs of MultiAPPRO project and it is a main tool used for transnational networking, with the aim to support the development of an environmentally friendly and sustainable intermodal transport in the region. GATES is the moderator of the ITN.

In line with the above, the topics from the previous ITN meetings:

1st ITN Impact of Transport Infrastructure on Intermodality, Intermodality and its significance

2nd ITN Environment protection, use of alternative fuels, “green” upgrade of infrastructure

3rd ITN Intelligent Transport Systems

4th ITN Safety in Intermodal Transport Network

5th Different investment and funding schemes in intermodal transport

This 6th ITN meeting was an opportunity to make a contribution to the improvement of intermodal transport in the Adriatic – Ionian region as all ITN meetings covered many aspects of intermodal transport.