Cold ironing in the Port of Piraeus – Taking the Final Step

CEF PROGRAMME – European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

CIPORT addresses the Core maritime Port of Piraeus, located on the Orient East-Med Core Network Corridor. It is part of the Global project which aims to transform the Port of Piraeus into a Green Cruise Hub. The project aims to provide the final studies and engineering designs for the development of on-shore power supply (OPS) technology for four cruise vessels positions at the Themistoklis coast in the core maritime Port of Piraeus.

Having a duration from 01/08/2021 to 30/11/2023 the project includes the elaboration of the following main studies: •Technical studies for the installation of OPS for the four identified cruise vessels positions, including the infrastructure that will allow the connection of the Port’s grid to the city’s local grid; • Technical requirements and operational procedures for the electric connection and power provision to cruise vessels by the Port; • Environmental studies required for the installation and operation of the OPS system; • A Cost-Benefit Analysis; • A study for the appropriate commercial model for the electricity supply to cruise vessels as well as a calculation of the appropriate pricing methodology, and; • Tender documents for the subsequent works. The completion of CIPORT will lead to the launch of the tender for the subsequent works after the Action’s end.