NEWBRAIN project aims at boosting the relevance of the Adriatic-Ionian core nodes system for the economic and social integration of the programme area, in the framework of the European transport policy and TEN-T network as key gates connecting Central and Western Europe with the South-East Europe and Mediterranean countries. The project addresses various infrastructural gaps and technological, procedural and organisational bottlenecks detected at local level and impacting on the smoothness of the regional transport system, by adopting a joint and transnational approach aimed at stimulating the coordinated development of physical and non-physical infrastructure and to enhance the capacity to launch feasible investments. The transnational cooperation of the 9 logistics and transports nodes project partners, key institutions for the planning of infrastructural investments in transport and logistic sectors of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region area, is expected to unlock the potential for investments through the participation to EU funding schemes for the implementation of efficient, environment-friendly and low carbon transport systems, and to ensure active and long-term cooperation in different financing initiatives.

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