What we do

GATES Ltd is an SME aiming to built and increase the shared knowledge and capacity of transport, mobility and infrastructure. The company conducts applied research and consultancy services in transport planning and engineering by developing transport networks, analysing passenger routes and intermodal corridors, assessing multi-modal transport systems and providing consultancy services in major transport infrastructure projects. Towards the upgrading of social coherence in the field of transport, the company is also establishing synergies to create a network of experts and stakeholders promoting a harmonized operational and institutional framework towards gender equality in the transport sector. GATES Ltd visions the establishment of a platform of experts that can offer high-level services to EU and governmental agencies, local authorities, policy institutes and private companies, thus assisting them in the promotion of sustainable development through innovative frameworks.


Who we are

Although relatively young, the company is founded by researchers and experts with a long track record in the design, development, management and implementation of research projects, studies and consulting services on a national and international – EU level. The core team consists mainly of transport planners and engineers supported by a variety of other experts covering environment, security, economics, marketing and law. The efficient and smooth cooperation internally amongst the team members and externally with other partners is one of the main pillars of GATES’ policy.